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30.07.2021  Usephasan - Science.Esquizit

Cat No: GR098 Release date: 30 July 2021 Label: Ghadaqan Genre: Rap / Underground Hip-Hop

Usephasan is the brainchild of Hasan. Usephasan got his opening on to the evolving California underground hip-hop scene in April of 1998 with the demo-ish vinyl e.p. release "Chemistry.Teraqueous

06.08.2021  Bil Basmala - Eastern Department (Lp)

Cat No: GR096 Release date: 6 August 2021 Label: Ghadaqan Genre: Leftfield / Electronic / Hip-Hop

The Bil Basmala and Eastern Department (2012) projects are soulful ambiance with layered combination of classic hip-hop drums. Featuring abstract and alternative rap lyrics. Abdullah's Quirky drums, deep baselines and intense thick atmospheric textures cover each track. The rhythm driven studio recordings are complemented by harmonious vocals and lyrics based on social commentary and individual enlightenment. Originally conceived or envisioned by Hasan as an eclectic blend, neo-visionary soul takes the electronic, chill-out or left field genre into a completely new sphere.


13.08.2021  PER Music Library - Edge Of The Woods

Cat No: GR01 Release date: 13 August 2021 Label: Ghadaqan Genre: Ambient / Background Music / Minimal

PER Music Library, and GHADAQAN Records First release. CD, Vinyl and Digital distributed by Audocs. In a time where the music industry is oversaturated by words and beats. PER Music Library reminds us of the basic nature of background music and its need. Wether for talk over tracks in a podcast or radio show. As a Hospitality music provider to such establishments as Mood Music and RX Music, PER Music Library has a clear understanding and pulse on the background music industry.

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20.08.2021  21:00 - 23:00PER Music Library - Future Of The Field

Cat No: GR04 Release date: 20 August 2021 Label: Ghadaqan Genre: Ambient / Space Music / Minimal

Future of the field: A PER Music Library recording from its Original Electronic Recording series (OER). Is now released in three formats: 1CD, 1LP and Digital. 

Labeled space music, Future of the field is heavy in ambient sound. Composed by William Robinson, apart of his Bil Basmala Eastern Department series. PER Music Library pushes the album into lo-fi soundtrack, archive and library music. A very intense release, each song exhibits its own character and depth to stand alone.

27.08.2021  PER Music Library - Departures & Arrivals

Cat No: GR02 Release date: 27 August 2021 Label: Ghadaqan Genre: Ambient / Background Music / Minimal

Departures & Arrivals is Ambient and Background music. The first in the Audio Series specifically including music for airports. This hospitality based music is heard as you wait for a flight. May also be heard in a museum or restaurant. Many compositions from PER Music Library are heard in offices, restaurants, and stores.

03.09.2021  PER Music Library - Clockwork

Cat No: GR05 Release date: 03 September 2021 Label: Ghadaqan Genre: Drone / Noise / Deep Space Music

Clockwork: A PER Music Library recording from its Original Electronic Recording series (OER). Is now released in three formats: 1CD+USB-Album (Limited Edition), Reissue CD (Jewel Case + CD Only), 1LP and Digital.


10.09.2021  PER Music Library - Felah City Shafis Revival

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