PREMIERE: Basmala Keeps Hip-Hop in Sacred Space on Self-Titled Debut

The beatmaker formerly known as Autolect looks for transcendence.

April 28th 2016by FLOOD Staff

Beatmaker Basmala isn’t exactly new to the scene. He released a string of records in the mid-aughts under the name Autolect, and when he raps on a track, he does so under the name Hasan Atiq. And while he does acquit himself as a rapper, his voice is just another element in the sparsely decorated cosmos of his self-titled debut LP, which we’re premiering in full today.

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2/2017 - Basmala has a vision of the future, one informed not by his social experience at large, but by the inventor’s call that exists in his head. Formerly known as Hasan Atiq, the artist now referred to as Basmala donned the title in order to demarcate a new direction of electronic hip hop. The self-titled debut is a progressive offering of afro-futurism that bonds in brotherhood with Anti-Pop Consortium and the black fusion jazz funk of the 1970s. Basmala brings an attitude to his debut that places him in the periphery of Brainfeeder’s progressive methods, expanding the movement beyond one collective and into the social strata of black music.

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